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FGV director joins Firjan Public Safety Council

Initiative to contribute to the improvement of the management and socio-economic reintegration of the state of Rio de Janeiro

9 months ago

The director of FGV’s Department of Public Policy Analysis (DAPP), Marco Aurelio Ruediger, has been invited to join the Public Safety Council of the Federation of Industries of the State of Rio de Janeiro (Firjan).

The initiative aims to discuss public safety in the state of Rio de Janeiro and its priority issues, contributing to the improvement of public management and for the recovery of social and economic development in Rio de Janeiro. The Council will include entrepreneurs, experts, government officials, scholars, and other institutions of civil society.

DAPP develops, through the safety and citizenship applied research track, studies and analyses of data on police, human rights, and citizenship to promote a qualified debate on public safety policies and the relations between states, with an emphasis on Big Data and data visualization. The unit also offers, through the DataCrime tool, data on Brazilian public safety, revealing in an interactive way the panorama of the field based on official figures declared by several institutions.

“Given the high crime rates and budget crisis in the state, the creation of the Firjan Public Safety Council is therefore another front to fortify the area. We understand that the issue of public safety is multifaceted and needs to be understood in its different nuances. In this sense, for targeting public policies, it is important to have access to different types of information”, said Ruediger.