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FGV/DAPP tool is one of the top 50 design productions in Brazil

Cámara Transparente, an interactive visualization of data on campaign revenues from federal deputies, is featured in the exhibition in Brasilia

12 months ago

Congress Transparency , an interactive data visualization tool focusing on lobbying and campaign funding for federal deputies, was chosen as one of the 50 best design productions by curators of the 12th Brazilian Biennale of Graphic Design. The project is one of the highlights of an exhibition in Caixa Cultural, in Brasília, showing the diversity of Brazilian design production — in exhibition until 10 September.
According to the curators, the Congress Transparency platform was defined by the jury of the 12th Biennale as an “original, relevant, and pertinent work”:
“In addition to its strong aesthetic sense and the efficient use of infographics to visualize the immense quantity of information available in the TSE, this project performs a very important civic service, helping to show a practical and didactic application of an open data policy,” they emphasized in their comments.
The aim of the initiative is to unmask the economic influences on those currently holding seats in the Chamber of Deputies, highlighting the principal companies that make donations and the size of the parliamentary groups funded. The data used showed the campaign revenues of current federal deputies and their appointments to thematic commissions in congress. In the latter case, the tool seeks to elucidate relations between electoral funding and the defense of more specific interests. For example, to verify if the companies who are part of the ‘Mineral Extraction, Steel, Metallurgic, and Metal Products’ economic sector donate funds principally to federal deputies with places on the Mines and Energy Commission.


Two other FGV/DAPP projects were also chosen to be part of the event catalogue: DAPP’s site and the Brazilian Championship on Social Networks. The new site gives greater emphasis to the applied research, analyses, and data visualization tools developed by the team, as well as a menu with all the functionalities developed by the different parts of DAPP. The Brazilian Championship on Social Networks platform, in turn, monitors the principal topics in Brazilian football, bringing together sponsors, clubs, supporters, and administrators.
Project conception, methodology, and data analysis are carried out by FGV/DAPP, while the conception of visualizations and creation are the responsibility of its partner, Café.art.br.