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Portrait of the spreading of the criminal spot in Rio de Janeiro PublicationDownload
The Brazilian dilemma
Between disbelief in the present and hope for the future PublicationDownload
Bots, social networks and politics in Brazil
A study on ilegitimate interferences wiht the public debate on the web, risks to the democracy and the 2018 elections PublicationDownload
Education on target: the effects of armed violence on the classrooms PublicationDownload
Massacre in Para PublicationDownload
Stray bullets & lost lives
The paradox of guns as an instrument of safety PublicationDownload
Debate on Migration Law PublicationDownload
Protests on the Esplanade: Political crisis worsens
DAPP Report PublicationDownload
Crisis e punishment: JBS’s plea bargaining
DAPP Report PublicationDownload
Lula’s testimony
DAPP Report PublicationDownload
Elections in France
DAPP Report PublicationDownload
Open Data Index for Cities
Rio de Janeiro | 2017 PublicationDownload
#Brazil on strike
DAPP Report PublicationDownload
Open Data Index
Brazil | 2017 PublicationDownload
Open Data Index for Cities
São Paulo | 2017 PublicationDownload
The “Fachin List”
DAPP Report PublicationDownload
The Doria moment
DAPP Report PublicationDownload
Rio in perspective: a diagnosis of public choices PublicationDownload
Not so simple: The challenge of monitoring public policies on social networks PublicationDownload
School Universe: The state of High School education in Brazil PublicationDownload
The structure of the bureaucracy of the Brazilian State PublicationDownload
Federal Government budget for combating dengue fever PublicationDownload
Inequality on tracks and wheels: a study about access to the metro and the BRT in Rio PublicationDownload
Denunciation, Crime and Punishment: the cycle of violence in the city of Rio de Janeiro PublicationDownload
Municipal budget of Rio de Janeiro PublicationDownload
The Creative and Hi-tech Economy in Brazil PublicationDownload